It's not
"all in your head!"

Your symptoms are valid
and you deserve to be heard.

Click the link below to speak with Dr. Brandy Cummings, an expert reproductive clinician who understands that not everyone's postpartum symptoms look the same.

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The good news?

There are effective, research-based solutions for even the most stubborn, chronic postpartum symptoms.


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Everything Changed After I Gave Birth!
12-week group program

Millions of women just like you have coped with confusing symptoms that won’t budge no matter how many doctors they see, how drastically they change their diet, or how many supplements they take.

But there ARE answers! 

In my supportive group program, I lead you through 12 weeks of evidence-based but often-overlooked information that can help you identify and address your never-ending symptoms. 

  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Community Support
  • Exclusive Resources: Get your hands on a meticulously prepared resource guide, packed with practical advice and strategies to implement immediately.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered in real-time, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.
  • Customized Lab Work: Opt for additional lab tests to gain personalized insights into your health puzzle (optional add-on).


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Personalized work with Dr. B

I’m currently accepting new clients, and I’d love to work with you. 

My philosophy might be different from other clinicians you’ve seen. 

When we work together, we work TOGETHER. 

This is more than a phrase on my website or something I like to say to sound holistic: It’s an accurate expression of the respect I have for you, your experience, and the likelihood of medical gaslighting that you’ve dealt with in the past. 

Your experience—your symptoms, your intuitions, all of it—matters. 

Together, we navigate your health landscape with a tailored approach, ensuring every step is informed by your lived experience and our collective expertise.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to bespoke health strategies designed around you.

Please click below to schedule your “Meet Dr. B” call, and we’ll explore the best personalized one-to-one option for you.



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Client Testimonials


"I have learned so many life changing things from you!

I had been increasingly ill over several months. I contacted you after my HMO disregarded my concerns regarding the main health issue that was causing systemic infection affecting multiple bodily functions. You immediately validated my intuition, gave wonderful advice/guidance and provided comprehensive resources to assist healing of my specific healthcare needs."


"I had recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos, and experienced two miscarriages as a result. I was looking to find the root cause of my Hashimotos and learn ways to help my body heal itself.
After following your advice, I was so grateful when there was a profound difference within just a few days. Most of the symptoms were significantly reduced or disappeared altogether."


"After working together, I feel like a different person! I was barely functioning in my daily life by the time connected with each other.


I feel like I now have the energy to make & continue to make positive changes in my life. I can exercise without feeling like my muscles are being eaten away after exercising."

If You're Tired Of:

  • Being told it's all in your head
  • Still feeling terrible even though your lab tests look normal
  • Missing out on making memories in your children's lives
  • Being given antidepressants instead of getting the help you really need
  • Struggling through even the most simple everyday tasks 

Let's change that! 

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"Embrace your health as your most valuable asset; it is the foundation upon which all aspects of your life are built. Without it, every treasure becomes harder to enjoy. Prioritize it, cherish it, and watch as every facet of your existence transforms."

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